Innovation for patients made in Germany. Unique on the market.


Therapeutic armrest cushion. Clinically tested. DPMA-No. P13892HH.



This innovative armrest cushion reduces pain, pressure sores and secondary injuries and avoids malposition of an injured or paralyzed arm.


It adds comfort and ease to physiotherapy.

Why EESi-Rest® cushion?

Allows a secure positioning of the paralyzed arm on the therapy tray of the wheelchair

Reduces the occurrence of the pressure sores and the related pain

Reduces pain caused by wrong posture of the body and positioning of the arm


Protects the elbow from being stuck between the therapy tray and the body

Suitable also for the use in case of severe paralysis and/or neglect syndrome


Allows for easier, optimized execution of physical therapy

Where to use the EESi-Rest® cushion?

  • On the therapeutic tray while sitting in a wheelchair
  • Between, after and during therapeutic exercises
  • In the hospital
  • In ergotherapeutic and physiotherapeutic practices 
  • In homes for the elderly
  • At home: in the easy chair/on the sofa
  • During carriage
  • On journeys in car, the train and the airplane

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"I find the EESi-rest cushion very cozy and comfortable: the arm feels as if imbedded in a cloud.”


Patient with multiple traumata from a car accident, Berlin (Germany) 

“I like to use this cushion on the sofa, in the bed and in the car. It makes a pleasant feeling in my arm and relaxes my shoulder. When I use it, I am pain-free. Even the tickling feeling in the arm disappears most of the time. I can also breathe more freely. So good!” 


Multiple Sclerosis, Osnabrueck (Germany) 

All my patients like the EESi-Rest cushion. They feel much better with it and the arm therapy can be done with less effort and problems. I appreciate very much that you have developed such a helpful device so precisely and mindfully and with so much love.”


Ergo Therapist, Berlin (Germany) 

EESi-Rest® Brochure
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